Welcome to STC - Your Arboreal Haven!

From childhood wonder to a thriving enterprise, Specialist Tree Company was born out of a lifelong fascination with trees on our family farm. Established in 2008 on 4 acres of nutrient-rich Co. Meath soil, our roots run deep in the love for nature's majestic giants.

Our Journey: Embarking on this arboraceous journey, we've grown from a small venture into a successful operation, specializing in the cultivation and supply of high-quality trees. Nestled in the heart of Co. Meath, our team is passionate about bringing the beauty of nature to your doorstep.

A Green Oasis in Leinster: As a dedicated, family-run enterprise, we take pride in serving customers across Leinster. Our expertise extends beyond supplying trees – we offer comprehensive services, including professional planting and maintenance advice.

Your Perfect Tree, Our Mission: At STC, we understand that choosing the right tree is an art. Our team is committed to helping you select the perfect match for your garden. We source unique species from reputable nurseries across Ireland and mainland Europe, ensuring a diverse and vibrant collection.

Beyond the Ordinary: STC is not just a supplier; we're your partners in creating lush, thriving landscapes. From sourcing to delivery and expert planting advice, we've got you covered. If you have a specific vision or require a quote, our team is just an email away.

Your One-Stop Shop: This website is designed to be your ultimate destination for all tree and hedging needs. Browse through our selection, explore the possibilities, and let nature inspire your surroundings.

Quality Matters: Above all, we prioritize quality. Our commitment is to provide you with top-notch plants that stand the test of time, ensuring your investment flourishes into a green haven.

Thank you for considering STC – where passion for trees meets unparalleled service. Let's grow together!